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NADOG Sponsor Know Before You Go

Welcome to the NADOG family! This document should help us all prepare to make the most out of the 2024 NADOG community events:


  1. Arrivals - Please plan to arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour early so you have time to set up and prepare to greet our guests. At every event, we need 1-2 people to volunteer to manage the check-in table for the first 20-30 minutes of the event. This is a great way to greet every single attendee personally, and to put a face to a name (you will know who everyone is and you will be able to better plan who you want to talk to during the networking portion of the event.) Please let us know if you would like to volunteer to work the registration table at one of your sponsored events.

  2. Dress Code - Business casual is the recommended attire. The idea is to participate as if you are one of them, and most of our members do not wear a suit to work.

  3. Who Should attend? - Please keep your attendee count to a maximum of 4 people. These are our recommendations, but you are free to send anyone you would like.

    1. Sales - Your local sales reps will get the most out of these local events. The key is to act as if you are a member and supporter of the group. Do not attempt to have a bunch of conversations about your company or your products. Spend this time getting to know who they are, what they do, what their challenges are, and who they are as people. This will build a lot of credibility for you as a person, and it will make them be more willing to answer your calls and emails afterward.

    2. Pre-Sales - Pre-sales should also attend and act as members/supporters of the group. You will have a space at the event for marketing materials and a potential demo station. This could be a great way to give the members a taste of what you do if they are curious.

    3. Field Marketing - If available/local, I would recommend sending a field marketing rep to manage the marketing table to allow the sales and pre-sales reps to roam the room.

  4. Marketing/Tech Table - You will have a space to display materials, signage, swag, etc. We do not always know what will be available at the venue, but we try to either provide a 6 foot table or something similar.

    1. You can also use this space to have a laptop set up for demos of your solution if you would like.

    2. We recommend that you leave your table against the wall and only use it as a place to go if your conversations with members turn toward your solutions. 

  5. Marketing Materials - We recommend some light materials about your company, swag, a roll-up banner, and any other light and easy promotional material or signage.

    1. You are welcome to have a registration station for giveaways, workshops, webinars, or anything else you would like to promote.

    2. IMPORTANT: If you need to ship items for the event, we STRONGLY recommend that you ship to a local rep to carry. Many of our venues do not open until later in the day, and there have been issues receiving shipments when no one is there..

  6. Sponsor Talks - You will have a 15 minute segment at the beginning of the event to present anything you would like. This can be a product demo, use-case, feature overview, thought leadership talk, etc. 

    1. We recommend that you keep it as educational as possible and less sales/marketing focused. 

    2. Any Q&A is also included in your 15 minutes, so plan accordingly. 

    3. You will have access to the AV to present slides, show a demo, etc., but you must bring your own laptop and any required adapters for an HDMI connection.

  7. Follow Up - You will receive the RSVP list with email addresses. This is to ONLY be used for personal follow-up. DO NOT simply dump the list into your subscriber database. After the event, review the list, determine which contacts it makes sense to reach out to, and send them a personal, manually written message, “It was great seeing you at the NADOG event…” or “I am sorry you weren’t able to attend…” just as an idea.

    1. Treat them as if they are your close personal contacts.

    2. We have a terms and conditions agreement with all event attendees that you can review here.

Most Important

Have fun and talk to as many people as possible. Don’t be afraid to walk up to a stranger and introduce yourself; NADOG is about making personal connections and treating your target audience as human beings and not prospects.

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