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The Past and Future of DevOps with Venkat Thiruvengadam

On May 21, 2024, "The NADOG Days of Summer" webinar series was launched by North American DevOps Group. Hosts Jim Schild and Brian Dawson speak with Venkat Thiruvengadam, Founder and CEO of DuploCloud.

Key Points Discussed:

1. Introduction and Background:

- Venkat shares his background as a developer, starting his career at Microsoft Research, which later became Azure.

- He was one of the first engineers at Azure, contributing to the compute stack and SDN controllers.

- Venkat highlights his journey from Microsoft to founding DuploCloud in 2018 after working at various startups and Cisco.

2. Experience and Insights:

- Venkat discusses the scale of operations at Azure, mentioning the growth from 100 servers to millions of virtual machines globally.

- He compares the operational efficiency of AWS and Azure, noting AWS's larger scale and fewer personnel managing workloads.

- Venkat reflects on the evolution of DevOps, where developers had to manage operations, leading to the current DevOps practices.

3. Founding DuploCloud:

- Venkat shares his motivation to bring the same level of tooling used in large-scale cloud infrastructures like Azure and AWS to mainstream IT.

- This vision led to the founding of DuploCloud, which aims to simplify and automate DevOps processes for businesses.

4. Challenges and Learnings:

- Venkat talks about the challenges faced during his career, including "DevOops" moments, where mistakes turned into learning opportunities.

- He emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and improvement in DevOps practices.

5. Future of DevOps:

- The discussion touches on the future of DevOps, with a focus on automation, scalability, and the integration of advanced tools to streamline operations.

- Venkat highlights the need for DevOps to evolve with the changing landscape of cloud infrastructure and technology.

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